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Apr 6, 2016

Suing the Federal Government

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More than 500 years ago in England, the Magna Carta was developed after the citizens of England decided they did not want the King making all the decisions. Nor did they want to have the King's henchmen make the decisions. Thus was born the concept of trial by jury (criminal or civil). Now here we are [...]

Jan 21, 2016

When Public Content Is Not Public

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Even if you do not have a Facebook account, the chances are good that you have looked at a company’s Facebook page at some point. After all, a tremendous amount of online marketing is done through social media outlets, and Facebook leads the pack. Since the EU has suspended the Safe Harbor Act, however, European [...]

Jan 1, 2016

Congress Seeks to Protect Consumers’ Rights to Post Negative Reviews Online about Businesses

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Do you read all of the fine print in the contract when you make an online purchase, or do you scroll to the bottom, click "I accept," and keep moving? Some companies have been inserting non-disparagement clauses in consumer contracts, also referred to as "gag" clauses, which prohibit customers from posting negative reviews of their [...]

Dec 2, 2015

Google’s Book Scanning Project is Ruled Fair Use by Appeals Court

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A federal appeals court ruled in favor of Google's decade-long project of scanning millions of copyrighted books. The U.S Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit dismissed the lawsuit, Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., which accused Google of copyright infringement claiming that serving up search results for books they have scanned without permission infringes on [...]